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Adaptive Learning for Precise Personalization

No two learners learn at the same pace, nor do they absorb and learn information the same way. Our adaptive learning methodology personalizes the content and cadence of learning based on what each user knows or does not know until he or she masters a topic. The adaptive learning in Trivie tracks user’s proficiency across all of the content they have interacted with and then AI predicts exactly when the user will forget that information. At that moment, Trivie sends new content and quizzes that help fill those knowledge gaps. 

Then the Trivie platform audits a user’s proficiency over time on those various topics and keywords and dynamically populates prescribed quizzes based on what the user is predicted to have forgotten, right at the moment they are predicted to have forgotten it. This personalization, at the moment of need, leads to increased knowledge retention, better concept mastery, and a stop-loss for wasted training dollars. 

Science-based Reinforcement

The core of retrieval practice is a technique called spaced learning or spaced reinforcement. The spacing effect is the exact opposite of “one and done” training, and focuses on repeating information over time while making sure there are specific intervals between each repetition so a little bit of forgetting happens. Trivie combines recall probability and score data, predicts when a user is starting to forget a piece of information, and automatically generates a personalized cadence of quizzes to help the learning stick (similar to “intelligent” digital flashcards know when you are starting to forget). This reinforcement protocol is also combined with two additional concepts that make up retrieval practice - varied content types and interleaving.

We know gamification

In 2012, we started a consumer game/app company. It was a simple idea and a clear vision: develop a trivia game that is fun, fast-paced, and social. By 2013, Trivie Battle of Wits was one of the fastest growing apps of all time and became the #1 trivia game on the Apple App Store. During this time, we developed the foundation for Trivie for Business. A workflow platform that uses proven gamification techniques to engage learners through a learning experience, complete with leaderboards, power-ups, factoids, discussion/chat boards, challenges, badges, comment voting, resource libraries, avatars, and more.

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Trivie combines brain science, adaptive learning, and gamification to help employees remember information longer.
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