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In 2012, we started a consumer game/app company. It was a simple idea and a clear vision: develop a trivia game that is fun, fast-paced, and social. By 2013, Trivie Battle of Wits was one of the fastest growing apps of all time and became the #1 game on the Apple App Store. During this time, we started to recognize that people were learning topics based on a spaced testing concept, especially when interleaved with topics based upon a user’s affinities. We knew that we were onto something.  
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Trivie for Business: Automated training
Using the same intelligent trivia engine as Trivie Battle of Wits, we deepened the focus on the science of learning. We drew from adaptive learning for personalization, the brain science techniques of retrieval practice for automation, and gamification as a process to better engage learners. This high retention of training information started to quickly translate into increased employee productivity and improved overall effectiveness of every company we worked with.
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100% self-service. 100% remote. 100% automated.
But we took it a step further. We made our microlearning platform 100% self-service so companies could easily self-administer in minutes, we made it ridiculously inexpensive, and we wrapped it in detailed analytics that could verify knowledge retention over time. That’s Trivie — a fun, simple way to help employees remember training information longer that's based on science, automated with AI, and delivered as a fun trivia game.  
Trivie is a global learning companion - Any device, multiple languages, always on.

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Trivie uses cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification to ensure employees remember training information.
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