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We're not an LMS. We're not a content company.
We are a learning service that ensures that knowledge has more impact.

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Create and Publish Content

With Trivie AI, any content can be transformed into engaging assessments in minutes.

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Get started right away with our out-of-the-box content on a broad range of topics.

Build your own

With so many learning moments in a company, there are endless possibilities to make your learning memorable and measurable.

Import third-party content

Import content from your LMS, LXP, content authoring platform, or even Google Drive. We can also work with classic formats like SCORM and love us some APIs.

Let us do it for you

Our content experts run your material through our knowledge extraction AI and create your quizzes for you.

Integrate with your learning & communication platforms

Trivie connects with over 3,000 applications with the simplicity of Zapier. Learn more.

Invite Your People

Adding your admins and learners is easy for teams and companies of any size. Flexible options include inviting people via:

  • Email
  • Importing
  • Integrating with your HR system and SSO

Set up permissions and tags for more collaborative administration and actionable analytics.

Let Your Learners Play!

Do your employees remember training a month later? You don't have to answer that :). With Trivie, simply send out a booster quiz and let our artificial intelligence ("AI") take over.

Based upon how a learner engages with Trivie, our proprietary AI creates a unique proficiency map for each learner, accurately forecasting knowledge gaps and predicting when they'll forget.

At the exact moment of need, a learner will get a booster assessment on the topic they are about to forget, so the knowledge is reinforced and retained longer.

Gamification is about personalized fun. When employees interact with Trivie, the social experience is familiar, the trivia game is competitive, and the experience is addictive. This creates extremely high learner engagement that is 100% personalized.
In less than 10 minutes a month, employees remember more than 90% of their training, even 12 months later.
Learners stay highly engaged with gamification and can score badges, points, build up winning streaks, and battle their way to the top of the leaderboard against their peers.
Challenges and competitions invigorate learning and keeps employees committed to growing their knowledge.
Training is no longer top-down, one to many. Trivie enables peer-to-peer social learning that promotes organic knowledge sharing and enables your company's best and brightest to become subject matter experts.

See learning like never before

Intuitive dashboards powered by over 200 metrics allow you to understand and improve training effectiveness.

Actionable recommendations help you increase engagement, get ahead of risks, and close knowledge gaps.

Detailed analytics across your organization help you make informed decisions and share insights to build a culture of learning.

The Science Behind Learning that Lasts

The foundation of learning is absorbing information and retaining it through a combination of actionable memorization, application, and social learning. Several years ago, we collaborated with Drs. Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel, the foremost experts in cognitive psychology surrounding memory and retention, to help digitize more than 40 years of published research into the Trivie platform.

The algorithms and experiences in the Trivie platform packages these methods in an intuitive platform whose insights prove its science. We’re ever-curious about the science behind learning, and welcome you to dive in with us.

Make training more enjoyable, engaging,  and unforgettable.

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