Integrate and communicate!

Trivie now connects with over 3,000 applications with the simplicity of Zapier.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is lightweight integration code that allows different software applications to seamlessly talk to each other so daily workflows are never slowed down.

Why use Zapier with Trivie?

This update will make it even easier for your employees to engage more with Trivie in the flow of work, while giving managers and administrators a “one system” holistic view of their entire learning ecosystem.

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What can I do with Zapier + Trivie?

These are just a few of the things you can accomplish


Post a message in Slack/Teams when a user receives a new Trivie assignment
Notify learners in Slack/Teams when a reinforcement quiz is available
Add a post made in the Trivie Feed to Slack/Teams
Keep a Google Calendar synced with your active Trivie assignments


Send users an assignment in Trivie when they complete a course in your LMS
Sync resources between Trivie and SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more
Sync content from your LMS to Trivie
Send a follow-up Trivie quiz to all participants in a Zoom meeting


Celebrate and recognize a learner on the Feed when they complete a task in your LMS
Send users a custom badge when they complete a course in your LMS
Celebrate a learner in your employee recognition system (like Kazoo) when they complete a topic with a high score

User Administration

Automatically update a learners’ title, location, and other user information when a change is made in your HRIS
Send a dynamic report to your learning manager when an assignment is completed
Invite learners to Trivie when they are added to your internal HR system
Import user lists and groups from Salesforce into Trivie

Need a deeper integration? Whether it’s a custom, deep integration or a customer LMS, it’s a snap with Trivie. Just contact us at or contact your customer success manager to learn more.

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