How to Calculate L&D Spending

Employee Training

In this article, we'll provide all the questions you need to consider when planning your L&D spending.

Value of Learning

The World Economic Forum has called the time following the global pandemic The Great Reset. McKinsey recently polled 800 executives about the future of work and found it’s in a state of disruption. This transition time is highlighted by a need to reskill and upskill our workforce. Related research from McKinsey shows that one of the most valuable skills an employee can have is knowing how to learn. Learning itself has become a skillset that the modern workforce requires to stay competitive and relevant.

One of the most valuable skills an employee can have is knowing how to learn.

In recent years both Apple and Google have announced billion-dollar investments in workforce training. So what happens to organizations without billion-dollar training budgets? How can mid- and large-size companies maximize limited budgets allocated for employee learning? 

Expense of Learning

To make the most of learning and development resources, companies must plan, develop, and execute learning. Each step of the process requires time and cost investments. 

Process Flow for Calculating L&D Costs


To assess L&D costs start by identifying:

  • How many employees?
  • When will they learn? (During work ours? Allocated training days?)
  • Where will they learn? (On the job? Through online classes at home?)
  • How will they learn? (Synchronous? As teams? Individually?)
  • How will you measure learning? (What metrics does your training offer?)


  • Make your plans into actions.
  • Identify and schedule time, place, and resources needed for teaching and learning.
  • Develop an agenda and learning goals.
  • Do you need a software company to develop a course?
  • Do you need a learning management system?
  • Do you need course content written?
  • Develop metrics for success in completion.
  • How will you know what your employees have learned?
  • How will you know what they’ve retained?


It's go time. Now that your plans are in place, are your employees ready to learn? How will they fit learning into their schedules? How will you motivate them to complete their learning?

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Forbes has predicted that “corporate learning will become an everyday thing.” Can your organization afford to train employees every day? What are affordable, agile alternatives to the traditional model of plan, develop, and execute?

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