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Mobile, tablet, and desktop ready
Instant-on assessments
Real-time analytics
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Preferred pricing from 101-10,000 learners
Exportable reports
Adaptive-learning engine
Resource library
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Best for large enterprises that need to support a global organization.
Scalable up to 1,000,000 learners
Support for over 10 languages
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Some of our great features...


Employees are tasked with learning so much information that waiting to deploy learning software and strategies can have a negative impact on productivity. That’s why Trivie is 100% self-service and can be deployed and in production in 10 minutes or less. No training and no extra fees. It’s intuitive and hassle free.

Detailed Analytics

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.  Our real-time analytics makes it easy to track everything from courses, quizzes, and in-game social interaction to user activity, learner participation, and actual retention. Easy-to-understand analytics also provide learning managers unprecedented insight into knowledge gaps, thereby enabling them to address those deficiencies in real time.


Trivie’s heritage is in consumer gamification. With tens of millions of games played, Trivie is fast becoming the #1 trivia app on the Apple App Store. We not only know fun, but we also know scale, game mechanics, pacing, colors to promote certain actions, and usability. This gives us a unique perspective on how to create a simple experience that ensures the highest user engagement.

Custom Branding

With Trivie, companies can control their branding elements with only two clicks. Logos, colors, backgrounds, and contrasting colors all can be changed in real time and immediately updated to an employee’s device. Holiday promotion? Quarterly sales promotion? New logos or a merger? New, high-definition branding can be deployed in seconds.

Endless Scalability

With Trivie, there is never a need to worry about the number of users or the amount of content. We have delivered over 1.2 billion trivia questions and are built for scale. Want to expand Trivie from a regional sales team to an entire sales team this quarter? No problem. Trivie can scale from 1 user to 1,000,000 in less than 10 minutes.

Intelligent micro-learning

Trivie enables companies to engage learners wherever, whenever with bite-sized, rich-media boosters utilizing text, video, audio, gifs, and picture content types. These vignettes of learning take less than 5 minutes of an employee’s time and can be automated based on the extent to which a learner grasps a particulate topic. Alternatively, learning managers can utilize Trivie’s integrated calendar system to schedule Trivie micro-learning modules at any time.

Learning success

Stop the natural forgetting, recapture lost knowledge, and turn training into learning.