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Some of Our Great Features... 

Adaptive Learning
No two learners learn at the same pace, nor do they absorb and learn information the same way. Our adaptive learning methodology personalizes the content and cadence of learning based on what each user knows or does not know until he or she masters a topic.
Science-based Reinforcement
The brain does not learn like we think it does, and it just isn't designed to retain information in bulk. Yet, small learning events spaced out over time, forgetting, and then re-remembering strengthens knowledge intodurable memory.

Trivie Is 100% Self-service
Most companies are reliant on legacy LMS systems that take weeks if not months of planning to develop a learning path and to deploy. Not with Trivie.
We know a little bit about gamification. In 2013, with tens of millions of games played on our Trivie platform, Battle of Wits became the #1 game on the Apple App Store.  

Know more. Do more.

Using cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification, Trivie helps  employees remember training information longer.
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