Adaptive learning for precise personalization

No two employees retain information the same way. Trivie’s adaptive learning technology ensures they do.
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Know when and where your employees need more training

Know when and where your employees need more training

Trivie’s adaptive learning analyzes a user’s proficiency over time on various topics and keywords, and recommends personalized quizzes based on what the user is predicted to have forgotten, right at the moment they are predicted to have forgotten it. This personalization, at the moment of need, leads to increased knowledge retention, better concept mastery, and a stop-loss for wasted training dollars.

"The ROI we are seeing is off the charts. Our employees are very engaged!"

Precise personalization

Our adaptive learning methodology personalizes the content and cadence of learning based on what each user knows or does not know until he or she masters a topic. ‍ The machine learning in Trivie tracks user’s proficiency across all of the content they have interacted with and then AI predicts exactly when the user will forget that information. At that moment, Trivie sends new content and quizzes that help fill those knowledge gaps.

“I really like how the Trivie system can predict when a user needs more training. Brilliant stuff!”
Precise personalization (Adaptive learning)
Precise personalization
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Why Trivie?

Personalized and automated

Trivie's adaptive learning methodology offers a personalized training cadence specifically geared to each employee without requiring exhaustive work from a team of learning professionals

No more lost knowledge

The proprietary algorithms in Trivie's adaptive learning engine automate knowledge retrieval, monitor loss, seek out gaps in knowledge, and then programmatically build back a personalized learning path to recoup the lost knowledge.

The most successful companies personalize learning with Trivie

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“I love the ease of every aspect of this software. It is very user-friendly and affords us a vast array of information. Plus it’s super fun and our students love it!”
Charleston Southern University
“Brewing the highest quality beer in the world, we are obsessive on quality and consistency. We share that same commitment to our people and in the communities we serve. We use Trivie to help reinforce that commitment through its intelligent and simple to use learning platform.”
“Trivie has great analytics and it is really easy to use. From Day 1 of working with the Trivie team I have had nothing but an amazing experience.”
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With Trivie's powerful adaptive learning model, Safety Managers can ensure that every employee knows the same information with the same confidence.
Learn how our clients are using Trivie for


Companies that use Trivie in their sales organizations have seen a documented increase in revenue, while recognizing a material reduction in training costs.

Know more. Do more.

Using cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification, Trivie helps  employees remember training information longer.
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