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Do you know what your employees know? You do with Trivie.
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Unprecedented insights

Unprecedented insights

Imagine that 100 employees go through a training class. You go to a company meeting two months later and you see those same employees. Do you think they all remember the training information? Probably not. With Trivie’s ROI-based analytics, you can better understand those gaps while our adaptive learning engine personalizes and automates the process to close them.

“Being able to track and measure knowledge gain, retention, and completion, as well as time spent in the system, makes it easy to identify trends, new gap areas, and ease of use for our Team Members.”
Cooper's Hawk for Unprecedented Insights

Easy to understand data for better decisions

Trivie’s analytics are easy-to-understand and provide learning managers unprecedented insight into knowledge gaps, learner engagement, knowledge gaps, knowledge retention (and loss), content accuracy, group proficiency and more - all in real-time with ad hoc reporting. This insight shows precisely who knows what, where there are risks, and where to focus learning resources to better impact behavior change.

“With Trivie’s analytics we now know what our people know, and we have the ability to identify potential safety risks.”
Easy to understand (Analytics)
Easy to understand data for better decisions
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Why Trivie?

Retained training information

Every company must train employees, but learning is the retained asset that’s left behind that can actually impact the business. Trivie uses cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification to help employees remember training information.

Better-engaged employees

When companies use Trivie they can better engage their employees to learn and retain information. When employees engage in learning, knowledge retention is increased, training has more impact, and behavior change is certain.

The most successful companies trust Trivie to make their training stick.

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“I love the ease of every aspect of this software. It is very user-friendly and affords us a vast array of information. Plus it’s super fun and our students love it!”
Charleston Southern University
“Brewing the highest quality beer in the world, we are obsessive on quality and consistency. We share that same commitment to our people and in the communities we serve. We use Trivie to help reinforce that commitment through its intelligent and simple to use learning platform.”
“Trivie has great analytics and it is really easy to use. From Day 1 of working with the Trivie team I have had nothing but an amazing experience.”
Learn how our clients are using Trivie for

Data-driven knowledge assessments

Trivie is insurance to make your training stick.
Learn how our clients are using Trivie for

General Training

Based on cognitive science, Trivie automates and personalizes the remembering of training information.

Know more. Do more.

Using cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification, Trivie helps  employees remember training information longer.
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