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Get to know retrieval practice. It’s the cognitive science behind Trivie disguised as a game.
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The Spacing Effect

The Spacing Effect

At the core of retrieval practice is a technique called the spacing effect or spaced reinforcement - and this is the exact opposite of “one and done” training. Spacing the learning focuses on repeating information over time while making sure there are specific intervals between each repetition so a little bit of forgetting actually happens (to help strengthen the brain "muscle" or recall ability).

Trivie combines recall probability and score data, predicts when a user is starting to forget a piece of information, and automatically generates a personalized cadence of quizzes to help the learning stick (similar to “intelligent” digital flashcards know when you are starting to forget). This reinforcement protocol is also combined with two additional concepts that make up retrieval practice - varied content types and interleaving.

“Retrieval practice via quizzes spaced out over time helps to consolidate knowledge and keep it on the employees’ “mental fingertips” so it is easy to access when needed. Trivie employs a digital version of this successful learning method in a simple to use trivia game.”

Henry L. Roediger, PhD

Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences Washington University and author of “Make It Stick”

Henry L. Roediger, PhD for spacing effect

Varying content formats

Trivie uses a wide range of content types. Neuroimaging studies suggest that different kinds of content engage different parts of the brain, and the learning of motor skills from varied content appears to be associated with an area of the brain that is good at decoding more difficult concepts. As such, varying content formats are extremely important in building long-term associations. In other words, some people learn from pictures, some from text, and some from a video. Trivie supports all three, along with over 100 additional content types.

“Having the ability to add high-quality video along with pictures has enabled us to use Trivie for any type of training we do. And it’s so easy!”
Varying content formats (Science reinforcement)
Varying content formats


When you interleave content of two or more subjects or skills, it further strengthens memory. Essentially, you are weaving together ("interleaving") topics that may be somewhat related, but not in a linear fashion, so your brain builds deeper neural connections and becomes stronger.

“Trivie is so easy to use, and the content always seems to be fresh and fun.”
Centro for Interleaving
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Backed by 30 years of research

Cognitive psychology

Several years ago, we collaborated with Drs. Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel, the foremost experts in cognitive psychology surrounding memory and retention, to digitize more than 30 years of published research into the Trivie ecosystem.

The way the brain works

The brain does not learn in the way we’ve traditionally thought, and it just isn’t designed to retain information in bulk. Yet, small learning events spaced out over time, forgetting, and then re-remembering strengthens knowledge into durable memory.

Anchoring into long-term memory

Suppose you're a trainer in a company trying to teach employees a complicated new process that involves ten procedures. The typical way of doing this is to train up in procedure 1, repeating it many times until the trainees "seems" to have it down cold. Then you go to procedure 2; you do many repetitions of 2, you get that down, and so on. This is not the way the brain learns. In reality, you must space out the training over time, interleave different concepts, and use different types of content to better anchor the information into long-term memory.

The most successful companies trust Trivie to make their training stick

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“I love the ease of every aspect of this software. It is very user-friendly and affords us a vast array of information. Plus it’s super fun and our students love it!”
Charleston Southern University
“Brewing the highest quality beer in the world, we are obsessive on quality and consistency. We share that same commitment to our people and in the communities we serve. We use Trivie to help reinforce that commitment through its intelligent and simple to use learning platform.”
“Trivie has great analytics and it is really easy to use. From Day 1 of working with the Trivie team I have had nothing but an amazing experience.”
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