Trivie used for Knowledge Assessments (audits)

Do you know what your people know?

Trivie let’s you know where to focus your training, zero in on knowledge gaps, and reduce overall training expenses.
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How do you know when you have a problem?

How do you know when you have a problem?

If you don't know what your employees don't know, your company can be exposed to compliance-related issues that can be catastrophic. With Trivie, simple assessments can be delivered to tens of thousands of employees to verify what they learned in a particular training course, and what they actually know.



HR Manager

“With one trivia contest I can precisely identify areas of harassment risks before they become a headline.”


Quickly identify HR risks

Trivie used for

Knowledge assessments (audits)
Unprecedented Insights (Knowledge Assessments)

Unprecedented insights

The easy-to-understand analytics provide learning managers unprecedented insight into knowledge gaps, thereby enabling the ability to address those deficiencies and risks in real time. Also, our proprietary algorithms can validate the knowledge gain of employees when using Trivie and quantify the correlating ROI.

Real time analytics

Our real-time analytics make it easy to track everything from engagement with content, user activity, performance, knowledge gaps, and retention over time.

Real Time Analytics (Knowledge Assessments)
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“Most companies do a very good job at training, but the right method of training is needed to transfer on the job. Retrieval practice via quizzes, spaced out in time helps to consolidate knowledge and keep it on the employees’ “mental fingertips”so it is easy to access when needed. My 25 years of research on retrieval practice has shown that this type of quizzing helps fortify the long-term retention of information, making training(and teaching) much more effective. Trivie employs a digital version of this successful learning method in a simple to use trivia game.”
Henry L. Roediger III
PhD., Washington University - James S.
McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences

With Trivie, the most successful companies know what their people know

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Companies that use Trivie in their sales organizations have seen a documented increase in revenue, while recognizing a material reduction in training costs.
Learn how our clients are using Trivie for

Remote Learning

Sometimes training "in person" is not an option. With Trivie the learning doesn't have to stop.

Know more. Do more.

Using cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification, Trivie helps  employees remember training information longer.
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