Trivie is used for onboarding

Get the right person into the flow of work faster

Engage employees with a positive learning experience during the onboarding process and keep the information top of mind for months to come.
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On the same page

On the same page

When employees are onboarded with consistency and reinforcement techniques like retrieval practice, companies see a 27% faster time to productivity and their new hires see a 61% higher retention of information during the first 30-days after initial onboarding.



New Associate

“No one likes training when they start a new job. Trivie is a game it makes it more fun!”


A fun way to start new hire training while developing a knowledge baseline.

Trivie used for

Onboarding new hire information
Science-based  Reinforcement  (On-boarding)

Science-based reinforcement

The brain does not learn like we think it does, and it just isn't designed to retain information in bulk. Yet, small learning events spaced out over time, forgetting, and then re-remembering strengthens knowledge into durable memory.

Gamification for better engagement

We know a little bit about gamification. In 2013, with tens of millions of games played on our Trivie platform, Battle of Wits became the #1 game on the Apple App Store.

Gamification for Better Engagement (On-boarding)
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“Most companies do a very good job at training, but the right method of training is needed to transfer on the job. Retrieval practice via quizzes, spaced out in time helps to consolidate knowledge and keep it on the employees’ “mental fingertips”so it is easy to access when needed. My 25 years of research on retrieval practice has shown that this type of quizzing helps fortify the long-term retention of information, making training(and teaching) much more effective. Trivie employs a digital version of this successful learning method in a simple to use trivia game.”
Henry L. Roediger III
PhD., Washington University - James S.
McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences

The most successful companies make onboarding training more long-lasting with Trivie.

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Learn how our clients are using Trivie for


With Trivie's powerful adaptive learning model, safety managers can ensure that every employee knows the same information with the same confidence.
Learn how our clients are using Trivie for


Companies that use Trivie in their sales organizations have seen a documented increase in revenue, while recognizing a material reduction in training costs.

Know more. Do more.

Using cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification, Trivie helps  employees remember training information longer.
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