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It’s what you know

We have developed an on-demand learning platform based on brain science utilizing retrieval practice, micro-learning, and adaptive learning to make retention of information more lasting. This increased retention, coupled with higher engagement from gamification, enables companies to achieve higher sales and better customer service, and dramatically reduce overall training expenses.

Sales Training Organizations

The Aberdeen Group surveyed 260 organizations to examine best practices in sales training. They found only 114 of these companies (44%) act to help their employees retain the knowledge they have learned at a training event. To be the most effective, salespeople must be up-to-date on their products and services ALL the time. However, sitting in training classes, watching videos, or reading a slide presentation is not how the typical salesperson learns. Enter Trivie.
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When you know more you sell more.

With Trivie, salespeople can engage in fun trivia games just a few minutes a month to improve sales performance without disrupting their selling time.

Standardization of knowledge

One of the biggest challenges sales organizations face is ensuring that each salesperson is selling from the right 'script' (product, features, pricing). Trivie mirrors any sales training curriculum with a digital, microlearning tool that helps standardize the script.

You grow when you know

Companies that use Trivie in their sales process gain the following benefits: 5% aggregate increase of revenue, 28% reduction in sales training costs (and time training), and 148% increase in product knowledge.

More knowledge + more selling time = more sales

When salespeople spend less time in classroom or online training, they have more quality 'in the field' selling time. Obviously, this translates to higher sales productivity.
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Compliance Reinforcement

Let's face it: compliance training is neither fun nor engaging. But a violation, even if unintentional, can be catastrophic, and result in fines, injury, or even jail time. With Trivie, companies can fortify their existing compliance programs with engaging trivia games to give employees that extra understanding of a compliance-related issue.

How do you know when you have a problem?

If you don't know what your employees don't know, your company can be exposed to compliance-related issues that can be catastrophic.

With Trivie, simple assessments can be delivered to tens of thousands of employees to verify what they learned in a particular training course, and what they actually know.

No two people need the same information

With our adaptive learning engine, Trivie can automatically seek out and engage employees who need compliance-related information the most, thereby further reducing compliance-related risks.

Knowing more reduces risk

When employees know the rules, risks are reduced. Trivie helps its clients recognize a 11% decrease in employee-related claims (e.g. sexual harassment), a 33% increase in compliance testing scores, and an overall 41% reduction in safety-related claims.

Onboarding Trainers

The goal with any new hire is twofold: 1) ensure you hired the right person for the right job, and 2) get a new employee into the operation faster. This is the simplest form of onboarding. We believe that the onboarding process should be a continual experience that is always adapting to an employee's specific role in a company.

Considering that a company will spend 30-50% of an employee's annual salary during the onboarding and training process, it's imperative to engage employees with a positive experience during the onboarding process and continually reinforce that learning so they continue to be exceptional at their jobs for years to come.
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Start fresh

The onboarding process becomes a baseline that continues to grow over an employee's tenure with a company.

Be on the same page

When employees are onboarded with consistency and reinforcement techniques like retrieval practice, companies see a 27% faster time to productivity and their new hires see a 61% higher retention of information during the first 30 days after initial onboarding.

Quick results

When using Trivie, companies see a 61% higher retention of information during the first 30 days after initial onboarding.
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Safety Programs

With any company, safety in the workplace is paramount. The best companies do a very good job of safety training, but for an employee to learn, internalize, and apply the safety practices - that's a different story.

If employees don't regularly engage with safety information, accidents will happen. When employees engage with safety games powered by Trivie, incidents are reduced, liability claims are reduced, and production stays consistent.

Insight and prevention

With Trivie's powerful analytics, safety managers can learn, internalize, and improve how safety practices are applied.

Assessments for safety management

Safety managers can use micro-assessments to understand how prepared a worker may be for a particular safety concern. Using the Trivie analytics dashboard, managers can see preparedness by individuals, groups, regions, or the entire company.

Knowledge and engagement. A recipe for increased revenue

157% increase in product knowledge 12% increase in training engagement 11% increase in revenue.


If a company's employees know more, they do more. They sell more. They evangelize more. Most of the time, that comes by way of marketing. Marketing can take many shapes and forms, like brochures, commercials, videos, or tradeshows, yet most marketing assets end up in the trash and really don't help employees know more or sell more.

But what if employees could have a marketing brochure in the format trivia game in their pocket so they would have more fun learning about their products and services? With Trivie, employees can quickly connect with marketing assets in a fun and engaging way so they can know more, do more, and sell more.
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Play the “marketing game”

If you want to really evangelize your products and services to your employees, and ensure they are having fun while learning, have them engage in competitive trivia contests with Trivie.

But first, coffee

For less than the cost of a latte, employees can have a multimedia, gamified, learning library right in the palm of their hand. The last time we checked, that's cheaper than a four-color brochure!

Build knowledge equality and

Our marketing customers have seen some dramatic results. With Trivie, our clients have seen a 157% increase in product knowledge, a 12% increase in training engagement, and an 11% increase in revenue.

Learning success

Stop the natural forgetting, recapture lost knowledge, and turn training into learning.