Awesome! We can't wait to connect with you.

Awesome! We can't wait to connect with you.

We help companies quickly transform how content is created and training is delivered

Trivie is a modern workforce engagement platform that combines AI-generative tools, community, gamification, and high-definition analytics to make any learning experience more effective.
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The best companies grow their knowledge assets with Trivie

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Knowledge transfer is what matters

Engagement is the start

Employees love to collaborate and compete. Whether peer-to-peer social, learning or gamification, Trivie makes any training enjoyable and highly engaging.
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Retention is key

We have solved the problem of long-term retention of knowledge. With Trivie, learners can remember over 90% of their training 12 months later so they can do their jobs more effectively.
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Measurement is required

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Trivie allows you to unlock insights to improve knowledge transfer and overall training effectiveness.
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We help employees grow knowledge

Peer-to-peer learning leverages the best and brightest employees to organically upskill any cohort.
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"AI" that personalizes and delivers training content only where and when a learner may need it.
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Familiar gamification features like leaderboards, badges, and more keep employees engaged in learning.
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Trivie turns learner activity into clear reports
and actionable insights that drive business results
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We make learning organizations more effective

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Industry recognition

Innovation in Talent and Workforce
Best Advance in Social Learning Technology
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Management Technology
EdTech Cool Tool Finalist
HR Tech Outlook Winner

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"Knowing where our people were struggling is very helpful. It takes the guesswork out of onboarding and managing our team members. Trivie has great analytics and it is really easy to use."
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"With Trivie’s analytics we now know what our people know, and we have the ability to identify potential safety risks."
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"I use Trivie for a few minutes each week and it makes me better at my job. What else does that?"
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Awesome! We can't wait to connect with you.