We Make Training

Trivie for Business is the first self-service gaming platform for training reinforcement that is fun, mobile, and can be deployed in minutes.

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Fun is Hard to Forget.

What's the difference between "cramming" and learning? Fun. Studies
have shown that most people forget nearly 80% of learned
information after just 30 days. Trivie for Business can
produce long-term knowledge retention through
social games featuring fun trivia,
interactive competitions and
meaningful rewards.

Learning On The Go

Train on the train. Learn in line. Brush up during down time. You can play Trivie for Business any time, anywhere, on any iPhone, Android device, Windows Phone, Blackberry or a Newton. (Ok, maybe not a Newton.)

Self-Service at your Service

You train. We give you the tools to make it stick. No consulting engagements. No IT involvement. And by the time you can finish this sentence, your company's custom branded game could be sent to thousands of employees with one click.

What's Up? (or Down?)

Not just analytics, but actionable, operational insight. Trivie for Business shows your employees' scores, so you're always in the know about who is learning, what is working, and the gaps in your training programs. Some people call it analytics; we call it knowing what's up.