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Trivie makes your training more engaging, data-driven, and uniquely personalized to every learner and leader.

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Personalization and gamification that makes your training content engaging and measurable

Adaptive learning personalized to each individual and delivered exactly when they need it
Gamification that learners love, increasing engagement by more than 40% on average
Personalized analytics measure learning outcomes and identify knowledge gaps

Adaptive learning to drive business outcomes

In rapidly evolving times, companies need to continue to reinforce the link between training and business outcomes.

With automation, Trivie "stays with" a learner with personalized content (using adaptive learning) until they reach mastery. With a verifiable mastery score, business outcomes are predictable, and an ROI can be clearly defined.

Training reinforcement based on science

The brain does not learn like we think it does, and it just isn't designed to retain information in bulk. Yet, small learning events spaced out over time, forgetting, and then re-remembering strengthens knowledge into durable memory.

Trivie is 100% automated and you can "go live" in minutes

Most companies are reliant on legacy LMS systems that take weeks if not months of planning to develop a learning path and to deploy. With Trivie, companies can deploy micro-learning games to tens of thousands of employees in just minutes, all in a self-service environment. Once deployed,

Trivie is a unique communication and training application that automates retention, reduces training costs, and gives you insight to what your employees know and feel.

As a 100% self-service product, Trivie can be deployed to thousands of learners in a matter of minutes.
Analytics for real-time business decisions
AI-driven Content Creation

The most successful companies automate remote learning with Trivie

“I love the ease of every aspect of this software. It is very user-friendly and affords us a vast array of information. Plus it’s super fun and our students love it!”
Charleston Southern University
“Brewing the highest quality beer in the world, we are obsessive on quality and consistency. We share that same commitment to our people and in the communities we serve. We use Trivie to help reinforce that commitment through its intelligent and simple to use learning platform.”
“Trivie has great analytics and it is really easy to use. From Day 1 of working with the Trivie team I have had nothing but an amazing experience.”

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Trivie uses cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification to ensure employees remember training information.
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