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If people don't remember training

Why do it?

Trivie helps employees retain information longer using adaptive learning and brain science.

Trivie is trusted by the world's most innovative brands

Do you know what they know?

Where training stops, Trivie starts

Digital transformation and the need for continuous learning is exposing knowledge leakage at every corporation. What do your people actually know? With the average company spending over $1,200 a year per employee on training, the problem lies in a broken T:L (training to learning) ratio.

Every company must train employees, but learning is the retained asset that’s left behind that can actually impact the business. Trivie is the training workflow solution that helps stop the natural forgetting of information during any training event.
It helps employees recapture their lost knowledge, thereby turning training into continuous learning that people actually remember.
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Stop the forgetting

Studies by Hermann Ebbinghaus and others show
that without adequate training reinforcement, employees forget up to 80% of what they learn after only 30 days. Memory slippage translates into training failure and wasted training dollars.

This is the reason Trivie exists: to make your training dollars and your employees more productive by improving knowledge retention to stop the forgetting.

Recapture lost knowledge

No two learners learn at the same pace, so Trivie’s Adaptive Learning methodology offers a personalized training cadence for each employee without requiring exhaustive work from learning management.

This process is driven by machine learning and leads to increased knowledge recapture, deeper learning, and a stop-loss for wasted training dollars.

Turn on self-service learning

Training applications should be not only engaging but ‘always on’ and hassle-free.

Trivie is 100% self-service, always on, simple to use, and easy to deploy. Our application can deliver content in any format, multiple languages, and is designed so that anyone can instantly create and publish branded trivia contests to tens of thousands of trainees in minutes.

Engage with gamification

In 2013, our consumer game Battle of Wits was one of the fastest-growing apps of all time and became the #1 trivia game on the Apple App Store. By measuring billions and billions of bits of information, we learned how to analyze people's learning patterns so we could connect them to the right content that was personalized. We also made it fun.

Corporate learning is now going down a similar path in trying to deliver training coursework in a fun and engaging way.

Having achieved millions of downloads and becoming a #1 trivia game, we understand how to deliver engaging training in fun learning games at the moment of need using proven gamification techniques.

The paradigm shift

The 20th century saw the end of the Industrial Age. In the 21st century, we have entered the “First Intelligence Age,” where the velocity and volume of data – the transactions of
our daily lives –drive every company in every industry in every geography to go through a “digital transformation.” This transformation will allow them to
leverage the insights from “digital oil” – data – so they can offer better goods and services faster and more cost effectively.

This massive global change does not just affect employers; it affects employees. Employees who must learn new skills to stay relevant in this new digital economy and must be prepared to adapt to future changes too. Where employees used to invest in 12-16 years of education and expect that to be the end of a formal education, now, they must adjust to a world in which everything is changing…constantly.

To adapt, employers and employees must dedicate themselves to invest in continuous learning; a commitment to a lifetime of training and retraining, and learning new rules, regulations, and applications.

The challenge

Studies show that employees, on average, only retain 20% of what they were taught, just 30 days after formal training. It’s not enough just to train employees; employers must invest in learning – the retained long-term asset of the training process.

The solution

The answer to the T:L ratio and the continuous learning dilemma? Trivie.

Trivie is an application software company that provides a training workflow solution to help stop the natural forgetting of information during any training event, recapture the lost knowledge, and foster continuous learning on any device via personalization, gamification, and on-demand access. Trivie complements any learning initiative or technology and makes it easy and inexpensive to move your employees to know.

What type of training 

Does Trivie enhance?

We make any training process better!

The results of using Trivie are higher engagement during training, increased mastery of concepts, and an ROI that can prove knowledge recapture in real time. Let us show you how!

How we do it?

Trivie's workflow engine uses micro-learning quizzes and social game mechanics to engage and enhance any learning event. Then, using machine-learning algorithms, our platform schedules refresher quizzes for users to help them improve their mastery of training topics. All of this is 100% self-service and can be set up and deployed in minutes.
We accomplish this using the science of retrieval practice as the proven method of learning, artificial intelligence and machine learning as the proctors of content delivery, and easy-to-understand analytics to visualize, monitor, and adjust the learning. The result is higher engagement during training, increased mastery of concepts, and an ROI that can show knowledge recapture in real time.

The best companies use Trivie in three very specific ways to empower employees to know more and do more.
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1. Assessments

What do your employees know? What did they remember from their last training? With Trivie, companies can quickly assess what employees know - and what they don't.

Why is this important? Many companies provide blanket training without regard to whether employees actually need it. Understanding knowledge gaps can ensure that training is delivered when, but only when, it is really needed. A quick gamified assessment will identify those knowledge gaps, inform the trainers on where they need to focus their efforts, and establish a baseline for later measurement. Trivie can offer you that baseline. Today. For FREE for up to 100,000 employees.

2. Reinforcement

The research tells the story. After a learning event, people forget up to 80% of the information in 30 days or less, unless they re-engage and reinforce the concepts directly after completing the training. If you don't solve this problem, nothing else matters. Trivie can help. We have done scores of assessments with large companies and we have identified serious knowledge retention issues after training in all of them; the problem of forgetting is not unique.

Trivie delivers automated, ongoing, just-in-time training "boosters" to ensure that the learned concepts become anchored into long-term memory. By engaging with these game-based boosters for a couple of minutes a month, learners will dramatically improve their knowledge retention on a designated topic.
Trivie background
Trivie background

3. Measurement

Trivie has real-time analytics that can document ROI, coupled with an adaptive learning engine whose algorithms personalize learning and distribute booster content at the precise moment of need. With Trivie, learning managers can measure learner engagement, knowledge gaps, knowledge retention, content accuracy, and more - all in real-time with ad hoc reporting. The system delivers up-to-the-minute data on loss or recapture of knowledge, giving learning managers visibility on training ROI.

"The ROI we are seeing is off the charts. Our employees are very engaged!"

– Jennifer Barnes, Director of Learning And Development. The American Heart Association.
The American Heart Association.

We are the standard for gamified learning

Since 2012, Trivie's heritage has been in games. With tens of millions of games played and having been the #1 consumer trivia app on the Apple App Store, we have specifically designed our application to be micro fast, fun, and engaging. But we didn't stop at fun. The science that powers Trivie is based on over 35 years of empirical research and ensures that when someone is playing Trivie, they are actually turning a fun game into a learning experience.
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Learning success

Stop the natural forgetting, recapture lost knowledge, and turn training into learning.