Trivie helps employees remember important safety information

Reduce liability and risk

With Trivie's powerful adaptive learning model, safety managers can ensure that every employee knows the same information with the same confidence.
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Assessments for safety management

Assessments for safety management

At any company, safety in the workplace is paramount. The best companies do a very good job of safety training, but for an employee to learn, internalize, and apply the safety practices - that's a different story. With Trivie, Safety managers can use micro-assessments to understand how prepared a worker may be for a particular safety concern. Using the Trivie analytics dashboard, managers can see preparedness by individuals, groups, regions, or the entire company.



Plant Manager

“So easy and fun, workers are actually engaged in learning about safety.”


Incidents are reduced, liability claims are reduced, and production stays consistent.

Trivie used for

Remembering Safety Information
Adaptive Learning  for Precise Personalization  (Safety)

Adaptive learning for precise personalization

No two learners learn at the same pace, nor do they absorb and learn information the same way. Our adaptive learning methodology personalizes the content and cadence of learning based on what each user knows or does not know until he or she masters a topic.

Analytics for real-time business decisions

Do you know what your employees know? You do with Trivie. Our real-time analytics make it easy for safety managers to track everything from engagement with content, user activity, performance, knowledge gaps, and retention over time - making an overall safer work environment.

Analytics for Real-time Business Decisions (Safety)
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“Most companies do a very good job at training, but the right method of training is needed to transfer on the job. Retrieval practice via quizzes, spaced out in time helps to consolidate knowledge and keep it on the employees’ “mental fingertips”so it is easy to access when needed. My 25 years of research on retrieval practice has shown that this type of quizzing helps fortify the long-term retention of information, making training(and teaching) much more effective. Trivie employs a digital version of this successful learning method in a simple to use trivia game.”
Henry L. Roediger III
PhD., Washington University - James S.
McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences

The best companies trust Trivie to help their employees stay safe

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General Training

Based on cognitive science, Trivie automates and personalizes the remembering of training information.
Learn how our clients are using Trivie for

Remote Learning

Sometimes training "in person" is not an option. With Trivie the learning doesn't have to stop.

Know more. Do more.

Using cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification, Trivie helps  employees remember training information longer.
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